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it was awesomeit was awesome. there was a serious lack of dancing in my opinion too, but other than that it was a great gig. It made me so happy to be there. that was mic's grandchild and daughter. so cute.

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my highlightmy highlight was What Happens When The Heart Just Stops. That's one of the few songs in the world that just makes me cry my eyes out. So stunning. I loved when Glen went closer to the stage too! And his dance moves were groovy to haha.

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  • 64390.3
  • Wednesday, 01 June 2022 21:48:29 UTC
Toss up between"Seven day mile", "What happens..." and "Your Face" for me, though the whole day was lovely. "Heyday" was a lovely touch as well. Very glad I came down, all the way from the Black North

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  • Smokey Ling
  • Tuesday, 07 June 2022 23:05:04 UTC
Whelan's afterward!!Loved just about every second of the gig.
Finally made it to Whelan's for a couple pints on Friday (our last day
in town), and the bartender told us the band came by after the show for beers. Would have made an amazing night just that much, more special...but oh well.
Every single local soul we chatted with over the week was brilliant, too...thanks, Ireland!