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Meetup with fans before the gig?Heyyy! I was thinking maybe we could meet up somewhere on Friday evening or Saturday before the gig with some fans! I'd love that. I'm Janneke and I'm 32 and I'm Dutch living in Ireland 11 years. I found out about The Frames in 2008 and wanted to be a rockstar back then because of them until I realised I couldn’t play electric guitar haha. But my love for The Frames has never faded. I can’t wait for the gig and I hope to meet some lovely fans!

(I just realised most American fans might not have Whatsapp so) Maybe we could set up a group chat on Instagram and agree on a time or place to meet on Friday eve or Saturday? Here’s my Instagram @janewillowmusic1 I can set up a group chat from there.

Let me know. Would be nice to meet some other fans! x Janneke