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I think it's uncoveredI think it's uncovered as far as I know. Can't waittttt!!

Also should we start a WhatsApp text chain or email group or something! I'd love to meet some other Frames fans! my email is janewillow@hotmail.com I don't know how to do things but maybe we could exchange numbers!

I'm Janneke aka Jane and I moved to Ireland 11 years ago to play music partially because of glen and the Frames. I'm 32 years old. I used to post on here a lot.

Feel free to email me and we can take things from there with exchanging number or maybe meeting pre-gig!

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  • 64382.6
  • Smokey Ling
  • Thursday, 26 May 2022 1:06:07 UTC
thanksGood to know on the open air, jacket will be in tow (also happy to hear drinks on site...whew).
Jane, if you do end up getting a group together, please post details here and I'll check back once we've landed on Friday for details. Unsure what our plans are, but that is a cool idea.

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  • 64382.7
  • Noley
  • Saturday, 28 May 2022 15:23:19 UTC
SnapCan totally relate. I am in the car on the way to Dublin for the gig. Thought struck me I wonder is the old message board still going and lo and behold it is. How nice to see the diehard fans still are a community. Here's to a great night.

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I didn't get one together in the endI didn't get a group together in the end. I hung with a german fan and an american fan that I kind of knew. What a wonderful gig it was!! So good! <3 We're so lucky to have witnessed that! I hope you'd a blast.

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  • 64382.9
  • Smokey Ling
  • Tuesday, 07 June 2022 22:55:47 UTC
Good dealGlad to hear that, Jane...and yeah, that was an amazing show (and trip)! So lucky to have been there!