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  • 64380.0
  • thewalsh
  • Wednesday, 18 May 2022 5:49:15 UTC
2 tickets availableI have 2 tickets available for the 28th gig if anyone needs them. Face value of course. They were purchased when the gig was originally in June 2020 but unfortunately the rescheduled date now clashes with the champions league final so I’m not going to be able to make it. Just reply or drop me an email if interested. Thanks.

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  • 64380.1
  • thewalsh
  • Wednesday, 18 May 2022 20:47:35 UTC
tickets goneThe 2 tickets are now gone, my wife emailed ticketmaster on the off chance asking for a refund as I couldn't go to the rescheduled date and amazingly they have replied to say they have now voided the tickets and refunded her. Worth a try if anyone else has spare tickets they are trying to sell. Anyway, gutted I can't go but hopefully they'll be others. Enjoy the gig all. I'm sure its going to be well worth the wait

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  • lorcan
  • Monday, 23 May 2022 7:06:42 UTC
also have 2 tickets availableI also have 2 tickets available. Since the gig was announced, we have had a baby and it's a bit more difficult to travel

thewalsh, thanks for the tip on Ticketmaster, I have emailed them. But in the meantime, if any fan on here doesn't have tickets yet, please email me lorcanlyons@gmail.com

And thanks to the Frames. Since Whelan's circa 1996/1997, I've spent so many years looking forward to the next gig or with the songs in my head.