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  • 64280.2
  • Jane
  • Monday, 07 May 2018 9:41:21 UTC
KarenKaren! That's awesome! Will you post videos on the night? Is he playing solo or with band! Sounds mad exciting! When was the last time you saw him play?

Jane in Dublin

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  • 64280.3
  • Karen in NY
  • Friday, 01 June 2018 21:11:15 UTC
the last time i saw himwas in Atlanta (where I live now unfortunately)
that was a few years ago

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Maybe it was not Atlanta Maybe it was in Los Angeles
I don’t remember when he did that show
It was at a museum of art or something like that I was in Los Angeles visiting my sister and then I heard about the show and I was lucky enough to get a few tickets
I think that on this tour he has a band and I heard it is a rocking show!