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  • Jane
  • Friday, 03 November 2017 15:15:16 UTC
New SingleSo 6 years of living in Ireland as a musician and I finally have released my single. I also recently opened for Glen Hansard which was like a dream. (any of you guys that have seen me on this forum know I'm a big admirer of the Glen-man) I kind of was inspired by him & Irish folk music to move to Ireland to play music.

Here's my single: https://soundcloud.com/janewillowmusic/on-my-mind-1/ You can download it for free and it's coming on Spotify / iTunes soon.

I'm also working on my Debut EP which is available for pre-order online at https://fundit.ie/project/jane-willows-debut-ep

I'm gonna spend a couple of thousand euro on this project myself but I'll need a little getting the rest of the funds together. Please consider pre-ordering the album to help an independent musician like myself get her album off the ground. You'd get a signed CD + a high quality download of the EP before it's official release. It'd mean the world if you did.

Hope all's well guys! 6 years in Ireland and I've finally opened for Glen and am finally working on this EP!!! I'm so happy to have gotten such encouragement from people so far and hope you will consider helping an independent musician out!


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  • donal
  • Wednesday, 20 December 2017 0:44:14 UTC
nice one Jane!!good luck with the EP and launch next year...

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My MindWow, doesn't take ME long! Jane this was beautiful. The chorus is GREAT and that cello is loved. Brava.