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  • Wednesday, 15 June 2016 9:02:02 UTC
travelling americaspecifically the west coast, possibly vegas (3/4 nights to san francisco(3/4 nights and about 10 nights in between and around. We are hopefully taking in a few drives and national parks along the way... what is the story with motels, hotels, are there plenty to roll up to and stay for the night? Also hoping to camp, hostel etc. also. Not fussy on accomodation, just a safe bed for the night. The travel agent I spoke to I think tried to scaremonger me that most hotels will be booked, public transport is very expensive and hard to use... instantly assumed she was trying to sell me a tour.

anyway, thank you for your thoughts if any appear

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  • Vic
  • Thursday, 01 September 2016 14:55:20 UTC
West CoastI Checked the board for the first time this year! Public transport is spotty here but can be used for a long north/south haul and in LA and SF
Highlights : Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, head West to LA if you need to see it ( I'm not a fan). North to Monterey Bay , lots of whales this time of year. Yosemite ! Gorgeous park. Tahoe if time, largest fresh water lake
Once you are North of Fresno and Death Valley I'd suggest renting a car for Northern Cali. Coast from San Diego to San Francisco is beautiful. You can get a train or bus to go North Hotels are possible and lots of camping too the crowds are gone after Sept 5. Hmmm... I'm being very general, but I hope this helps