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  • 64221.0
  • Vic
  • Sunday, 27 December 2015 16:35:30 UTC
Christmas Eve busk"All" the reports on The Christmas Eve Busking state that Bono started it. I thought Glen did. Anyone remember? Tnx

And Happy End of the Year everyone

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  • Rinnin
  • Sunday, 27 December 2015 21:17:46 UTC
He did in his arse!Everyone knows it's Glen that started this a few years back. He mentioned how it all started in the Vicar Street gig on Monday. He was walking down Grafton Street on Christmas Eve one year when he walked past a choir who asked him to "Sing us a song Glen"! He had to be somewhere else at the time and said he would come back the following day (Christmas Day) which he did and raised some money for homeless charities. That's where he got the idea that it will be great for some of his local busker friends to do it on Christmas Eve.

I was there from early on and a couple of the regular Grafton Street buskers were there (about four or five of them) singing and getting the crowd going. The crowd quickly built (as we all knew what to expect) and then some security guys arrived with the stage. It wasn't long then that Glen, Bono, Hozier, Stephen James Smith, Liam O'Maonlaigh, Mundy, the Danny's from The Coronas & The Script, Amelda May, Ronan Keating and others started appearing.

I can't remember to be honest whether it was Bono or Hosier who sang the first song was it was Glen who was more of an MC for the night and graciously introduced all his friends to sing a few songs.

Of course the stupid media like to try to grab International headlines by saying it was Bono who started it all but of course we all know the truth.

The collection hats went around towards the end but to be honest as Glen said in the Vicar Street gig, they really make more money from the vicar Street gigs and they give all that money to Simon & the Peter McVerry trust than what they can raise from the Christmas Eve Busk.

If you've never been it's a good night to head into town anyway but over the years it's become more of a showcase for other up and coming musicians than it being a purely Frames/Glen gig, but we did get an acoustic version of Revelate.

Till Christmas 2016, have a great year folks and be good to each other!

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  • 64221.2
  • Eddie
  • Saturday, 02 January 2016 5:37:12 UTC
Well saidHappy new year!!!